[Link] Wie GamerGate als Vorbote von Alt-Right gesehen werden kann

kick their axis
kick their axis
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>> [The Guardian] What Gamergate should have taught us about the ‚alt-right‘

Der Guardian verbindet die GamerGate-Bewegung als Vorboten dessen, was wir mit den Rassisten von Alt-Right grade im großen Stil erleben. Ziemlich treffend, wie ich finde. Und: Das sind auch exakt die gleichen Mechanismen, die sich in Deutschland die AfD zunutze macht.

Many had embraced Gamergate because they felt it wholly matched their ideals, and yet – quite consistently – no one in the movement was willing to be associated with the abuse being carried out in its name. Prominent supporters on Twitter, in subreddits and on forums like 8Chan, developed a range of pernicious rhetorical devices and defences to distance themselves from threats to women and minorities in the industry: the targets were lying or exaggerating, they were too precious; a language of dismissal and belittlement was formed against them. Safe spaces, snowflakes, unicorns, cry bullies. Even when abuse was proven, the usual response was that people on their side were being abused too. These techniques, forged in Gamergate, have become the standard toolset of far-right voices online.

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